Uphold the process

DAVE Rickard suggests that mentioning Osama bin Laden and the protection of international law in the same breath is laughable (The Advertiser, 13/5/11), his reason being that none of the 88 Bali bombing victims had a fair trial before their death either.

However, international law is not about protection of wrongdoers but rather a process of demonstrating exactly why they should be punished.

There is no doubt bin Laden would have been convicted of something, but a trial might have provided an opportunity to debunk his regressive and hateful ideology.

We simply don’t know whether America’s intention was to attempt capture or kill on sight.

If bin Laden did resist, there is a strong case that his death would be justified even under international law as either an enemy leader or wanted criminal.

But none of this changes the fact that putting terrorists on trial should not depend on whether they offered their victims the same treatment.

The rule of law is what separates us from such people. We should not discard it lightly.

BEN ADAMS, Park Holme.

The Advertiser, May 18, 2011.

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