Town’s bleak future

I HAVE been pleased to see a number of letters expressing calm and rational views in support of climate change action, urging people to overcome their short-sighted hysteria in favour of an evidence-based approach to securing the long-term future of our planet (The Advertiser, 14/7/11).

It was unfortunate that your own editorial of the day before, regarding the future of Leigh Creek, did not adopt the same balanced, logical approach.

You criticise Greens MLC Mark Parnell for matter-of-factly pronouncing the town no longer has a long-term future, at least in coalmining, yet his comments were just that. A matter of fact.

Regardless of whether a carbon tax is introduced, communities and livelihoods founded on the extraction and processing of finite materials will, at some point, become unviable.

Towns such as Leigh Creek will either switch to a tourism economy or shut down. Individual workers will have to retrain for jobs in other industries.

That inevitable future is not the fault of any government.

The only solution is to gradually ensure that more and more industries are sustainable in the long term, instead of being at the mercy of resource booms, busts and eventual depletion.

BEN ADAMS, Park Holme.

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Read the editorial in question here.


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