Liberals’ best hope

BRIGITTE Dwyer is certainly not the only one who appreciates Malcolm Turnbull’s well-thought-out, liberal positions on a variety of issues.

What those who criticise him for not being a team player fail to realise, is that he’s doing everything possible to give the Liberals a chance at long-term appeal and electoral success.

The current Labor government has been almost universally acknowledged as a failure in terms of its political tactics and lack of policy vision. Why, then, did the Tony Abbott-led Coalition find it so difficult to achieve a decisive victory at the last election? Because it offered nothing better.

Most Australians want straight-talking, intelligent, rational and well-spoken politicians, not endless spin and shallow rhetoric. As such, Turnbull is the best hope for both the Liberal Party and politics generally.

Ben Adams, Park Holme, SA

See this letter and one person’s opposing view here. 


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