Fox not comparable

DEPUTY Opposition leader Mitch Williams should be ashamed for labelling Malcolm Fox a child sex offender as part of a political race to the bottom on law and order (“Double standard claim over child sex case”, 30/9/11).

Fox has been convicted of unlawful sex with a student who was 17 at the time.

It was illegal because Fox owed the student a duty of care and their encounters were a breach of trust.

For that reason, his conviction itself is reasonable and within the law.

But it was in no way comparable with the kind of heinous acts one usually associates with the term child sex offender.

Of course, the deputy leader’s comparison of this case with that of Paul Nemer and his accusation of double standards is not without merit.

But the Rann Government should never have interfered with Nemer’s case, deliberately encouraging public distrust in the justice system for political gain.

At least they are not committing the same offence now.

BEN ADAMS, Park Holme.

The Advertiser, Oct 05, 2011.

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