Invasion Day
Sunday Mail, Sept 17, 2017
On the obvious reason for wanting to ‘change the date’ of Australia Day. Also, to correct the original correspondent’s mistaken assertion that it was Captain Cook’s arrival in Australia being celebrated on January 26, rather than Commodore Arthur Phillip.

Moral content
The Advertiser, Sept 11, 2017
On the false argument that “left-wing activists” oppose reactionary conservative beliefs simply because they are “long-held” and culturally established, rather than morally flawed.

Running scared
Sunday Mail, June 11, 2017
On the intimidating and demeaning terminology deployed against LGBT people by fanatical ideologues like Margaret Court.



Nazi idea overstated
The Advertiser, Apr 16, 2012
Response to opponents of so-called “compulsory voting“.

Fox not comparable
The Advertiser, Oct 04, 2011.
Response to the political & personal hysteria regarding sex abuse cases like that of former teacher Malcolm Fox.

Race Law & Free Speech
The Australian, Oct 01, 2011.
My two cents on Andrew Bolt & the Racial Discrimination Act’s section 18C.

Unclear connection
The Advertiser, Sep 24, 2011.
Shutting down some pleb’s simultaneous attack on the legal profession and ignorant defamation of asylum seekers.

Social Stigma
The Advertiser, Aug 24, 2011.
Response to one Roslyn Phillips on the issue of children and gay marriage.

Two perspectives
The Australian, Aug 19, 2011.
Response to the pedantic nature of arguments opposing gay marriage.

Town’s bleak future
The Advertiser, Jul 15, 2011.
Response to the paper’s attack on Greens MLC Mark Parnell regarding comments about the long term future of coal mining towns such as Leigh Creek in the wake of a carbon price. Their “bleak future” was not exactly my point, but oh well…

Liberals’ best hope
The Australian, May 31, 2011.
My defense of Malcolm Turnbull as the best hope for Australian politics and the Liberal Party.

Teach moral virtues
The Advertiser, May 20, 2011.
Making the point that “acceptable values are not only found in Christianity”, regarding debate over government-funded chaplains.

Uphold the process
The Advertiser, May 18, 2011.
Response to Dave Rickard’s suggestion that terrorists should not be subject to the rule of law.

Obama V Osama
The Australian, May 07, 2011.
Response to one Richard Shankland following the death of Osama bin Laden. My original contribution was significantly edited, giving the impression that I feel actions mean nothing. On the contrary, they do. Read the full letter on this blog, here.

Double standards
The Australian, Feb 28, 2011.
Pointing out Greg Sheridan’s hypocrisy in attacking only “elements of the Western Left” – and not the Right – for giving tacit support to dictatorships like that of Gaddafi’s Libya.

Lives still at risk
The Advertiser, Dec 27, 2010.
Counterpoint to Andrew Bolt’s call for tougher policies on asylum seekers.

Freedom of view
The Advertiser, Nov 27, 2010.
Appealing “for less heat and more light in the ongoing gay marriage debate” according to the paper’s tagline.



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