Lead hitters & selection lists

I know it’s been a while since anything of substance appeared here, and it may still be a little while yet.

Rest assured this is for entirely constructive reasons. I have managed to submit an application to study for a PhD in English lit at Adelaide Uni next year, so we’ll be waiting to hear back on that + scholarships. It’ll be on American male writers and how they’ve been received by the academy compared with pop. culture, how their masculinity has been portrayed and received by themselves and others, maybe why they all end up killing themselves, etc. Or at least that’s the current plan. Charles Bukowski is lead hitter, with Hunter S. Thompson, John O’Brien, Henry Miller, Raymond Carver and others on the selection list under coach Hemingway.

Gonna be a galvanising experience, that’s for sure.

Aside from that, I’ve just finished a review of the Backwater Blues & Roots Festival that just took over the bars, pubs, markets and shopping malls of Adelaide and several regional towns. Look for that appearing soon, I’ll throw you a link when there is one.

And finally, I’m off this afternoon to Kangaroo Island to make some money working as part of the Surf Music Festival going on down there. Nothing fancy, I think I’ll be counting floats and doing sums mostly (in “treasury”) but it’s sure to be a fun trip.

Anyhow, with that I’m off. I’ll try to have some rant material for next time. There’s plenty around.


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