Bat Country

We were somewhere around Millicent on the edge of the timber plantations when the words began to take hold…

I’m currently in Tailem Bend’s Coolabah Tree Cafe, heading to Mount Gambier for a couple of days, a good old fashioned road trip. There won’t be too much time for Hunter S. Thompson style adventures, however, as the purpose will be to to visit schools, run some workshops and generally spread the word about National Young Writers’ Month.

On Monday afternoon I’ll be running a session as part of Mount Gambier High School’s excellent writers camp, held just across the border in Portland, VIC. (Must remember not to inadvertently smuggle fresh fruit into South Australia’s exclusion zone on my return.) Then a workshop with students at St Martins Lutheran College on Tuesday morning. Somewhere along the way I’ll visit the Mount Gambier Public Library, which I’m told is one of the best regional libraries going, to distribute some NYWM promotional postcards and all round good cheer.

Of course I’ll remain connected to the interwebs throughout, thanks to a combination of mobile telephones, mobile broadband, motel wi-fi and, perhaps, the ASIO transmitters embedded in my teeth.

Just kidding. I think Raoul Duke’s paranoia might be catching up with me. The transmitters have clearly been woven into my socks.

I might even get a chance to write up some topical blog posts while on the road. We’ll see.

Now to bring NYWM live to the Limestone Coast!


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